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What is Car Comparison Service?

In Traficom‘s Car Comparison Service, you can find the details of all new car models available in Finland and you can compare your own car with different car makes and models. The service is free of charge. Use the registration number search to find your current car or click the ‘show energy label’ button to find its energy label. The energy label shows emissions details and the fuel consumption of a registered passenger car and the car tax payable for the vehicle. The energy label information must also be displayed at the car dealers when a car is sold. The labels must give the emissions and fuel consumption details of all cars on display in the showroom.

Vehicle-specific CO2 emissions are indicated with the energy arrows used for household appliances. They give the CO2 emissions of the vehicle in question and the target level for a vehicle of the same weight set by the EU. The energy label can be obtained for all new cars on sale in Finland, and used vehicles that are registered with the emission details meeting the requirements of the type approval (cars registered after 2001/2002). The information available in the Car Comparison Service is a compilation of the data collected by Traficom as part of type approval and the information provided by importers. The service has been introduced to meet the requirements laid out in the directive 1999/99/EC and the Finnish government decree 938/2000 on the opportunities of the consumers to obtain information on fuel economy and carbon dioxide emissions in connection with the marketing of passenger cars.